Door Step Service

Money is a common problem which people face in the time of crisis. In the time of crisis all people can think is about how we get out of the situation. Gold is one of the predominant investments people make. It helps us in the time of crisis. Gold is one such precious metal which provides us with cash when we need it. At the recent time when people are thinking how to step out of the house. How can we sell gold.?

Ambica Gold Buyer is one of the leading gold buyers in Bangalore, where we offer doorstep services to provide comfortability and convenience to our customers by following a transparent method of buying gold. During this pandemic, we are enabled to step out of our homes. Doorstep services include- gold checking, Proper calculation, and avail instant cash for the gold at the comfort of your home.

We at Ambica who strives to give the comfort for the customers has brought in a service like never before with Ambica doorstep services the customers can get their gold checked, worth calculated and avail instant cash for their gold at their home space

Procedure to follow

  • Fill in the enquiry form or call us or WhatsApp us mentioning your requirements for us to visit you at your home wherever in the Bangalore city.
  • After visiting you ,we evaluate the gold purity with the instruments we have carried along with us after checking the quality of the gold we provide you with the estimate slip which contains the details about the gold provided,
  • If the customer wants to sell their gold immediately we transfer the cash to the bank or pay the cash immediately,
  • If the customer has second thoughts then they are free to visit us whenever they want at our office.