Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.What is the documentation needed while availing of any of the Ambica gold buyer services?


For a local resident

  • Original ID proof and a photocopy
  • Original address proof and photocopy
  • Passport size photo

For an NRI

  • Passport original and copy
  • Current Indian address

Q2.Want to release your pledged gold?
Ambica gold buyer is the best online gold buyer who helps you with releasing your pledged gold jewelry.

Q3.Why sell with ambica gold buyers?
We give you the best price with transparent evaluation and instant payments.

Q4.What is the valuation process and how long will it take?
Purity of the gold is checked by the spectrometer and checking is done in front of the customers.

Q5. How to determine the value of the commodity?
The value of the commodity is determined by Weight of commodity (X) Purity Percentage (X) Buying rate = Value (-) charges = NET VALUE

Q6. Will my ornaments be damaged due to testing?
No your ornaments will not be damaged while evaluating.

Q7. What are the modes of payment?
All the payments to be carried out by CASH/NEFT / IMPS / RTGS modes.

Q8. Can I get my payment by NEFT OR RTGS?
YES at Ambica gold buyers we do online transfer

Q9. Can you release gold which has already been pledged in the bank or any finance company?
Yes we do release the gold from banks or any other financial institutions.

Q10. What is the value of the gold turns out to be lower than the released value?
Yes these kinds of situations happen sometimes, therefore it is advisable to the customer to provide valid and correct information regarding gold and the bank.

Q11. Can you release my gold from multiple locations?
Yes we can release your gold from multiple locations which come under bangalore BBMP jurisdiction.

Q12.Why do you collect ID and address proof?
As per the company rules it is mandatory to conduct the KYC process.

Q13.Will the data provided be shared with anyone?
No, the information provided will not be disclosed.

Q14. What are the grounds for rejection for my transactions?
Any invalid information or anything regarding the ownership will be rejected.

Q15. What is the minimum quantity for the release of gold?
Minimum release for your gold will be 30g