Release Pledged Gold

As we all know gold is a precious metal and gold has a market value. Pledging the gold is the only solution that arises at the time of crises. People pledge their gold at the time of crises but the problem arises when they are not able to pay it back on time. When this situation arises often the pawnbrokers or any financial institution forfeits the gold and people go under loss. Why Ambica? Gold as an investment is expected to grow in the market. If pegging helps us in crises, then releasing it can turn into a curse. Ambica gold buyer is the best gold buyer online, as a gold buying company on the online market we help people in releasing their gold on time while following a transparent procedure.

Our expert trained staff conduct the procedure to help you with the process. Our team directly interacts with the pawnbrokers or any financial institutions while releasing your gold. Our main aim is to provide you the best price with a clean transparent process. Are you tired of gold loans? Are you really tense about regular paying of Interest? Then you have reached the right place. We understand your problem of worrying about several sources of income. Many of the banks are not very supportive of giving loans. Why us? We are one of the best gold buyer companies in Bangalore, we help people in releasing their gold by making you understand the process.

Procedure to follow

  • Customer can visit our office or can opt for doorstep service for us to obtain the slip issued at the time of the pledge
  • Based on the slip obtained we check the quality.
  • If the customer is satisfied with our terms and conditions then we initiate the process to release the gold after completing the KYC.