Responds Within 30 Minutes

Are you in need of cash? Ambica Gold Buyer can help you as we are one of the best and leading gold buyer companies in Bangalore. Our services include- Cash for Gold, Cash for Silver, helps to release pledged gold, doorstep services as well. Our main goal is to provide quality services at the best price. We provide a 30 Minutes response service where if you are willing to sell your gold or silver we will respond to the customer within 30 minutes that includes, including a call, E-mail, or message.

Ambica gold buyers is one of the leading gold buyers in Bangalore where we offer services like cash for gold, release your pledged gold, doorstep services. Now these services come in handy to help people in the time of crisis.Ambica gold buyer company buy every kind of gold-related products and silver and entitle it to cash according to today’s gold rate, provided we execute an accurate valuation for your gold and will analyze the purity just in front of you to maintain the transparency.

Ambica gold buyer has always thought about customers' needs and comfort therefore we offer a service called 30 MINUTES RESPONSE TIME where if a person wants to sell their gold or release their pledged gold any service, we respond to the customer whether by call, message, or email within 30 minutes.

Procedure to follow

  • if a customer wants to sell their gold or release their pledge gold or avail our doorstep services all you have to do is leave your contact information either in the enquiry form or through WhatsApp ,or you can directly call us to our office.
  • Our expert team is always on standby to handle the customer’s queries .All it takes is 30 minutes for us to go through your information,and to respond
  • Receive a response call from us,if the customer you can come and meet us in the office or you can avail our doorstep service
  • 30 minutes response time is guaranteed.